Beware of Substitutes! Quality Control Makes the Difference.

Honey B Healthy® is a stable emulsion that mixes readily in various concentrations and types of sugar solutions. There are other products on the market that claim to be the same as ours. Even though they look like ours, they are not the same.

The image to the right shows Honey B Healthy® on the left and a competitive product on the right.  Our proprietary process is stable and provides nutrients in a balanced and uniform process.  After eight months, our product remains stable in an emulsion.

Which stimulant would you feed your bees?

Don’t settle for an inferior product that produces inferior results.  Honey B Healthy® is clearly the superior choice.


Failing Colonies

Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) is believed to have a profound impact on honey bee populations.  There are many causes of this phenomenon, but we at Honey B Healthy® believe pollen stress, lack of adequate pasture and weakened immune system of the bees are the main contributors.  To further exacerbate the problem, pesticides seem to elevate this phenomenon causing the bees with a weakened immune system to collapse.  Countless beekeepers feed their bees Honey B Healthy® products to help honey bees fight these new phenomena by helping the bees’ immune system giving them the required nutrition they need.

Feeding our Nutritional Supplements seems to help the bees survive these phenomena.

Below are two pictures from a hive that was suffering from pollen stress.  The hive on the left has dying brood. On the right, healthy brood after nutritional supplement feeding can be observed.

Red arrows show dead or dying (yellowish) larva. Green arrows show apparent healthy larva.


Nutritional Feeding Results

Honey B Healthy® provides nutritional supplements for honey bees.  Our supplements help honey bees maintain vigor and health. Loss of pasture, pesticides and poor nutritional crops seem to have created a lack of natural nutritional needs for honey bees, so we at Honey-B-Healthy, Inc. have developed nutritional supplements to meet the current needs of honey bees to help keep them healthy.

Honey bees consuming nutritional syrup from feeding jars.


The images below show how honey bees thrive during winter with all pollen removed.

Amino-B Booster® and Honey B Healthy® fed during winter helped maintain a healthy hive despite the lack of natural pollen.


All pollen was removed from this colony to do this test during winter.  The bees were tricked into believing it was Spring with a full bloom and nectar source.  

Yellow arrows show the stored Amino-B Booster® in the pollen area as pollen. Red arrows show healthy, pearly white larva raised on the Amino-B Booster®.


This trial shows an improvement in colonies fed Honey B Healthy® nutritional supplements.

Before                                                          After

Left: Red dots show dead/dying brood from pollen stress. Green dots show healthy brood. Right: After feeding our supplements, notice all healthy capped brood in the upper and center of the photo and healthy open brood in the bottom and lower right.


For more information on Proteins, Honey Bee Nutrition and Amino-B Booster® read this 2010 article published in American Bee Journal.

Additional information on the role of Amino-B Booster® can be found in this 2011 PowerPoint Presentation.


Healthy honey bees fed our supplements!