When looking for a program to ensure healthy bees, consider the following:


HONEY B HEALTHY® Original is used by many of the world’s largest commercial beekeepers to protect their investment. HONEY B HEALTHY® Original is considered by most in commercial beekeeping to be the best quality product on the market. It consistently shows excellent results at an attractive cost of pennies per feeding.

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HONEY B HEALTHY® PLUS is a special essential oil emulsion and when used with HONEY B HEALTHY® Original, it produces a synergistic (amplified) effect.  When used alone, PLUS has been shown to help keep hives cleaner while improving overall colony health.

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AMINO-B BOOSTER® provides all vital amino-acids. Essential for bee longevity and brood production. Use to stimulate brood rearing during late winter and early spring when pollen sources are poor and to help fortify overwintered pollen. It is also a great additive where pollen stress is a problem. Use with HONEY B HEALTHY® Original. A must for Queen Production: with AMINO-B BOOSTER®, the nurse bees make the highest quality royal jelly.

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VITAMIN B HEALTHY® is comprised of plant-based vitamins and minerals that are vital for bee health. Helps provide needed nutrients to build and maintain a strong bee immune system under environmental and nutritional stresses. Use with HONEY B HEALTHY® Original for maximum benefit. Vitamin B Healthy® helps fortify overwintered pollen when mixed with HONEY B HEALTHY® Original.

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Using only certified ingredients and a proprietary process, HONEY B HEALTHY® products are produced in a modern, state of the art FDA licensed food manufacturing facility under strict cGMP guidelines. Only after passing our quality assurance tests, including live hives, is each production lot released for distribution. We have seen homemade concoctions and imitations trying to duplicate our products, but they have fallen far short of the original HONEY B HEALTHY® formula. Quality Control Makes the Difference!