Honey B Healthy® products offer a complete bee diet with natural ingredients to help restore and maintain healthy honey bee immune systems. Our products are concentrates that can be added to sugar-water feeds, drenches and patties. Use our easy to follow directions for how to mix our products for feeding, drenching and spraying. All of our products are made of food grade ingredients in an FDA Registered food manufacturing facility. However, they are not intended for human consumption.

Our products can be used independently of one another with the exception of Amino-B Booster®, which needs to be paired with Honey B Healthy®  to help stabilize the liquid protein; however, we have found that when you pair two or more of our products together in a feeding, they provide an amplified or synergistic effect.

Recommended Pairings

  • Amino-B Booster® + Honey B Healthy® Original – provides protein and strengthens colonies
  • Honey B Healthy® Plus + Honey B Healthy® Original – accelerated consumption of feeding mixes