Use these quick reference guides to mix our products. It is best to feed our honey bee products in enclosed feeders. This helps to prevent evaporation and keeps the syrup clean. A good enclosed feeding application can be obtained in quart jars on top of the hive. Bucket feeding can also be used but should be done quite a distance from the hive to help prevent robbing. (Note: Mixing Directions are best viewed digitally. Please see the next section for our printable instruction sheets.)


HONEY B HEALTHY® PLUS Mixing Directions

AMINO-B BOOSTER® Mixing Directions


Printer-Friendly Feeding Instructions:

HONEY B HEALTHY® ORIGINAL Feeding Instructions

HONEY B HEALTHY® PLUS Feeding Instructions

AMINO-B BOOSTER® Feeding Instructions


For Our GARDENING Friends:

HONEY B HEALTHY® ORIGINAL Garden Feeding Instructions


Instructions d’alimentation pour nos clients français:

HONEY B HEALTHY® L’ORIGINAL Instructions d’alimentation